Mega Man X: Hard Type is a re-balance and stage redesign project for Mega Man X for the SNES. Within its objective is to enhance the difficulty to provide a fresh new experience to veterans of the platform genre.

List of changes:

Level changes: Every single level has been redesigned from scratch, including bosses arenas.
AI changes: Regular enemies, bosses and mini-bosses have had their AI enhanced, making them more responsive and faster, among other things.
Enemy stat re-balances: Enemies have had their HP re-balanced and they usually deal more damage.
Player stat re-balances: Ammo has been reduced, and each of the weapon's costs have been re-balanced. Damage done by weapons have been re-balanced as well (The Hadouken isn't a 1-shot anymore), both against regular enemies and bosses. Some weapons had their speed re-balanced. The body upgrade has been nerfed to 25% damage reduction.
Other misc changes:
• Infinite lives.
• Dialogue changes.
• Spec mode modified.
• Death counter in the pause screen.
• Each of the bosses can now be re-battled.
• Each of the Maverick stages can be exited without having beaten it first.
• Hadouken capsule only requires 1 visit. Doesn't require all stages beaten.
• Dash acquired after completing the Intro Stage.
• Custom Title.
• Other re-balances.

What's changed from v1 to v2?

What's New in Version 2.2.2 FINAL:
• Fixed a couple of bugs with camera scrolls
• Added an easier way to return from the sub in Mandrill stage
• Added more breakable blocks in Chameleon and Mammoth stage
• Boomerang damage to Mammoth nerfed from 3 to 2
• Shotgun Ice damage to Octopus increased from 1 to 2
• Shotgun Ice damage to Chameleon / Utuboro increased from 1 to 2
Mega Man X - Hard Type (v.2.2.2)
Super Nintendo

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