This hack changes the controls to a style similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings, where Sonic moves forward automatically. Features:
*Speed Break move like in Sonic and the Secret Rings, accessed by holding A. Drains your Rings quickly.
*Pressing B on the ground causes Sonic to come to a stop. You can perform a Spindash while stopped.
*Pressing B in the air causes Sonic to perform a Jump Cancel, canceling all momentum and dropping straight down.
*Pressing C after jumping initiates a Homing Attack if there are suitable targets nearby, or a Jump Dash if there aren't.
*You have an infinite number of lives. Because of this, 1up monitors will now provide 40 rings.
*The Level Select screen always comes up when starting a new game.
*Sonic's life counter is now a level (LV.) counter, and the score counter is labeled EXP. Every 10,000 points, you gain a level, and every level, your top speed increases by 40, your acceleration increases by 1, and your braking increases by 4.
Sonic 2 - Secret Rings Control
Sega Genesis

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