After over 7 years of on again off again work, I am ready to release the first public English patch for Startling Odyssey 2 for the PC Engine/Turbo Duo!

First things first, this translation should be considered a hack. This game was translated using machine translators and has been reworded by myself to make sense rather than jibberish. I have personally played through the game several times to make sure that things make sense all the way through the game and that all text has been translated that affects gameplay.

Things that are complete:

• Items names
• Spell names
• Equipment (weapons, armor, shields, helmets, and accessories)
• Dialogue
• Area names
• Menus and sub-menus
• Debug Mode Selections (cinema selections)
• Cheat Code

Things that are incomplete:

• Credits
• Cinemas
• Opening cinema

The incomplete list mostly contains the images that have text on it. Once I figure out or someone can help me extract the images, I hope to get those translated as well. Credits just dont have enough room to fully translate so I stopped translating those until further notice.

Keep in mind that this is a beta alpha release. There are bound to be spelling errors or pointer issues. I have tried to catch all of those, but perhaps some have slipped by.

Again, since this is a "translation hack" the script will not be translated 100% accurate. As many have pointed out that with machine translations, the machine has a hard time taking context into consideration as well as unknown words.
Startling Odyssey II (English Translation)
Turbo Grafx CD

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